Monday, November 23, 2009

Maternity photos with Angel!

Saturday morning, we had our maternity photo shoot with Angel Bee Photography! Angel, a friend of ours from church, recently launched her photography business -- she shot photos of Carrie and Matt's wedding back in August, and we loved the end results there. So we were really excited to have her do our maternity photos!

OK, OK, so *I* was super excited... David was more patiently tolerant. :) I've been trying not to get swept up by every pregnancy fad out there these days (hello, designer maternity hospital gowns -- because every woman needs to spend $50 or more on a piece of clothing that will get ruined by the messiness of labor and delivery)... But photography is obviously very important to both of us. And I really wanted to get some classy, artistic, beautiful shots commemorating this first pregnancy.

And we're both really glad we did it! Angel did a beautiful job. We're using three of the shots on our Christmas card this year, so I don't want to reveal those photos just yet, but here are a few of our other favorites!

Angel, we had such a blast with you! Thank you for capturing these moments so beautifully!


Ivy Mom said...

So sweet! Pictures are so special! You look great :).

Mama Cass said...

Beautiful...I love the last one!