Monday, November 9, 2009

Grandparent love!

Eggi will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family. So the future grandparents are just about as excited about this baby as we are. :) And they're already starting to spoil him -- which, of course, is their prerogative as grandparents! My parents bought us our crib and mattress, which we set up in time for their visit a couple weeks ago.

And David's parents bought us our stroller!

As of about a month ago, we had narrowed down our stroller picks to two possible contenders -- the Maclaren Quest and the Baby Jogger City Classic. We knew we wanted something relatively lightweight, but we wanted to avoid having multiple strollers for different purposes, so we definitely wanted something rugged enough to handle broken sidewalks and the dirt trail along the canal, for outdoor use. After reading a ton of reviews and soliciting recommendations from our new parent friends, we finally settled on the Baby Jogger. And look how cute it is! And how cute I look with it!

It's got an easy one-hand folding system, to be easily tucked away in the trunk of our car. And it's got real tires and a decent shock-absorbing system, so it can handle the things we'll be putting it through. And we can get a carseat adapter for it, so we can use this stroller from the very beginning (since newborn babies need more support and snuggliness than most strollers provide -- and yes, "snuggliness" is the technical term. :))
Oh, and it helps that Baby Jogger strollers haven't just undergone a massive recall, unlike Maclaren. Twelve reports of child fingertip amputations as a result of faulty hinges? That may be a statistically small incidence, but wow, what a horrific injury to suffer... Consider this a Keddiebears public service announcement -- if you own a Maclaren stroller, call or check the website to see about getting your free hinge covers!
We're so thankful for the generosity of our parents. Instead of the rickety cribs and strollers of our own childhoods, our son has solid, fancy, and very attractive gear! This baby still has another two and a half months (hopefully) before he makes his grand debut, and he's already been so blessed by his grandparents!