Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sophia's flower garden first birthday party!

I just can't believe our baby girl is a whole year old! We decided to go with a super girly flower garden theme for her birthday party, and invited pretty much all our friends to come and celebrate our sweet Sophia!

As I've mentioned before, we had a really fun themed photoshoot for her party invitation.  And I think it came out super cute!  As is becoming par for the course for me, I found a designer on Etsy to put together the party decorations for me -- and just look at the beautiful invitation she created!

The rest of the party decor was in pinks and greens, playing off the colors in the invitation.  I tried my hand at a cake I found on Pinterest, complete with little fondant daisies (my first attempt at working with fondant), and put together more pink and green desserts and snacks (pink frosted sugar cookie bars, caramel-dipped green grapes, pink liners for muffins and cupcakes).  And I strung up some pink and green streamers to hide the messiness of our dining room shelving.  ;)

So many friends came over to celebrate Sophia's birthday with us!  I had hoped to have some overflow space out our back door, but it was gloomy and rainy that morning, so we ended up being a bit, um, cozy indoors.  :)  But I think everyone had a good time hanging out -- and Sophia enjoyed seeing everyone!  Once she woke up, that is.  :)

And of course, the best part of a first birthday party: baby's first taste of CAKE!!

What a fun party!  Happy birthday to our sweet little girl!