Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Paupac Vacation!

So David and I aren't exactly the adventurous type.  Left to our own devices, our family would just stay home, relaxing with our books and toys and electronic devices, and maaaaaybe go outside for a walk every once in a while.  Maybe.  ;)  It's not that we dislike the great outdoors or going on excursions -- it's just so much easier, especially with little kids, to stay in our normal routines...

So it's a really good thing we have friends to shake things up for us every once in a while!  Lucy and John, whose daughters Anna and Elly are almost exactly the same age as Joshua and Sophia, proposed that we take a joint vacation up in the Poconos, renting a mountain home together for a week.  We invited our friend Anna M. to come along as well, and we all had such a blast!

The house we rented was perched right on Lake Paupac, with a great series of walking trails that wound around the lake.  And much to the kids' delight, there were great patches of blueberries in easy (toddler) walking distance.  Joshua and Anna loved helping to pick berries -- we could generally get them to stay on task for a few handfuls before they set in to eat as many berries as they picked.  :)

It was really lovely going on vacation with such good friends.  And it actually worked out really well to have slightly different interests and goals for the week -- David and I relaxed in the cozy house reading and just hanging out during the kids' naps, while Lucy, John, and Anna went for canoe rides and hikes.  And after the kids went to bed, the grownups got to relive our college days, staying up late having great conversations (plus gourmet s'mores!).

We're so very thankful for friends and vacation time!

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