Friday, July 19, 2013

Our very girly almost one-year-old girl!

Let me state once more for the record: I love putting together train- and car- and animal-themed parties for Joshua.  And I do enjoy building tracks and pretending to be an airplane with both our kids.  And it's really fun teaching Joshua to share his cars with his sister, and watching him teach Sophia how to hook trains together.

But for Sophia's first birthday party, I'm totally throwing myself into stereotypical pink girliness, and I'm loving it!!  :)

We're doing a flower garden theme for her party, and I had so much fun planning the photoshoot for her birthday party invitation!  I made a pink tutu and long string of pink pearls, both of which absolutely fascinated Sophia.  I dressed her up right after breakfast one morning and took her outside to take advantage of some lovely morning light.  And we got so many fun photos!  Below are just a few (okay, a ton) of my favorites...