Saturday, November 26, 2011

Greg's 40th birthday party!

The next major "event" from this fall was our dear friend Greg's surprise birthday party.  Earlier this year, Greg helped plan a surprise baby shower for his lovely wife, Aime, so she decided to return the favor with a surprise birthday party for him.  Surprisingly (hehe), both parties were actually surprises to the guests of honor -- they're both either really sneaky party planners, or really gullible guests.  ;)

Joshua was unfortunately under the weather that weekend, so he and David had to stay home.  But there were tons of other little kiddos to play with at the party -- as well as good food, good friends, and great conversation!

And one shot of Greg's family members who came into town to celebrate his birthday with him:

Happy birthday again, Greg!  Wishing you a richly blessed and joy-filled next forty years!