Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vacation in Indianapolis

So hmm, it's been almost four months... Yikes.  Life has just been so full and busy for us!  But I'm determined to not let this blog die -- so I'm taking this holiday weekend to try to catch up on everything that hasn't been blogged this summer/fall!  These will likely be mostly photo dumps without as much scintillating commentary, but at least I'm finally getting something back up on the blog...

Back in August, we got to spend a lovely vacation with David's parents out in Indianapolis.  We had so much fun being taken care of, and the grandparents loved playing with Joshua -- it's pretty clear that Skyping with them has taught Joshua their faces and voices, so he was comfortable with them from the get-go.  And he loved exploring and re-learning their house!

We took Joshua to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, which is apparently the largest children's museum in the US.  Joshua enjoyed most of the exhibits, but wow, did he LOVE the water table...  We tried directing him away to see some of the other play areas, but every time we let go of his hand, he made an immediate beeline back to the water table.  And who can blame him -- it really is so much fun to splash around without restraint!

And then we had a day trip to the Indy Zoo!

And perhaps my favorite photo from this trip: a sweet moment between Grandma and grandson.

I would close by saying something about how we can't wait to see family again, but, well, we just hosted them for Thanksgiving.  :)  Hopefully I'll get to posting about that sooner than four months from now!