Monday, March 7, 2011

A surprise shower for Aime!

[Yep, it's another Keddiebears blog burst... I'm just going to have to make my peace with the fact that I can't blog more regularly about our wild and crazy lives.  Thanks for bearing with us!  :)]

A couple weeks ago, on February 19, we had a *successful* surprise shower for our dear friend Aime!  I feel like it's rare that surprise parties actually end up being surprises -- especially when the guest of honor is as wily and smart as Aime.  :)  But our lovely hostesses Andréa and Hilary managed to pull it off... And did so very beautifully!

Aime and Greg are expecting a daughter in early April -- and this baby has been eagerly anticipated by so many, for so many years.  They've chosen the name Eliana, which means "God has answered," which is incredibly fitting for this baby who is the answer to so many prayers.  We just can't wait to meet her, and this surprise shower was a wonderful way of showing Aime just how excited we all are for her and her family!

Just a few of the lovely details (girly jungle theme inspired by the bedding the parents-to-be have chosen), including a homemade cake baked and decorated by Carrie, and a beautiful diaper cake made by Mary:

The arrival of the guest of honor -- I still can't believe she was actually surprised!

And then a ton of fun and games! There was the always, um, appetizing melted candy bar dirty diaper game...

And then one really fun "feed the baby" race.  Where both the baby and the feeder are blindfolded -- because, you know, feeding a baby really is that messy and difficult.  :)  And much hilarity ensued:

Poor Andréa is wearing sunglasses here because she'd had a pretty nasty corneal laceration, at the unwitting and excitable hands of her 13-month-old... She'd had Caleb on her lap to read him a book, and he flailed his arms, somehow managing to scratch her eye.  Thankfully, there was no permanent damage, but she was functionally blind on the day of the shower.  So she did what anyone else would do in her position -- she kept planning the shower and doing the non-lab work of her PhD program and caring for her family and just generally being Superwoman...  :)  But even Superwoman can't write if she's blind, so Bonnie filled out her guesses for her in Aime's baby pool.

Aime is such a radiantly beautiful woman just in general, and pregnancy certainly suits her.  :)

Aime with the two hostesses, and then with her college friend Annie, who is also expecting a little girl in early April!

Aime, we love you!  And we're all so incredibly excited to meet Eliana!!

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Amy F.W. said...

Oh my gosh your poor friend...Piper kicked in my eyeball one day, I was very close to going to the ER but figured I could still see out of it so I was okay. I feel her pain. LOVE the baby shower pics!