Friday, March 26, 2010

"You shall see your [children's] children's children..."

Last week was Princeton's spring break, so David was able to take some time off, and we decided to take Joshua on his first road trip! Destination: Indianapolis, to introduce the little guy to his paternal grandparents.

Conveniently enough, the midpoint between Princeton and Indianapolis is somewhere in the Pittsburgh area -- which is where David's grandparents live. So on Monday (3/15), we drove out to Darlington, PA, and stayed with David's grandparents.

Not only is Joshua the first grandchild on both sides, but he's also the first great-grandchild on the American sides of his family. It was such an honor to introduce Grandma and Grandpa McMillan to their first great-grandchild -- and it was beautiful to see how much this little boy is loved!

Joshua and his great-grandparents

Great-grandparents, great-uncle and great-aunt, mom and dad, and Joshua :)

The next morning, we went back on the road and drove the rest of the way out to Indianapolis. We had such a wonderful week with David's parents! It was so much fun watching them play with and care for Joshua -- total naturals at being grandparents! David and I actually went out on our first "date" since Joshua's birth, leaving him in the very capable hands of his grandmother. We timed our lunch date to fall between Joshua's feedings, and I have to admit to scarfing down my food and wanting to get back as soon as possible -- but we did it! And Joshua loved spending time with his grandparents. :)

An unexpected bonus of visiting the grandparents -- their living room had amazing natural light! So we got a bunch of beautiful photos of our time with them!

Joshua standing up and peering at his grandma

Snuggling up to his grandpa

Look at those smiles all around!

Cute wee chubby cheekies!

What a wonderful week with family! It really made us wish that we all lived a little closer together... Joshua was a trooper in the car (especially on the way back -- we did the entire drive in one day!), but the traveling definitely was a disruption to his routine, and we're only just now getting back on track with his sleep schedule. So I think the next time we visit, we're going to try flying instead.

More to the point, though, we wish Joshua's grandparents lived close enough to be able to play with him and watch him grow. For now, we'll make do with video calls and frequent photo uploads!

David's dad made the comment after we'd left that they had seen a covenant promise fulfilled: "You shall see your children's children. Peace be upon Israel." (From Psalm 128.) We're so thankful for the blessing that Joshua is to his family -- and the blessing that they are to him!