Friday, March 12, 2010

A week of firsts

Joshua's down for a nap, and back on his normal routine after a few days of fussiness -- so it's time to update the ol' blog!

The last week has seen a number of firsts for our little guy. We only have pictures of one of them, but we're on high alert now and hoping to photograph some of the rest of these soon!

Last Thursday (3/4), Joshua had his first playdate! Our friend Andréa came over with her little son Caleb, who is just nine days older than Joshua. It was so fun to go through pregnancy with Andréa, and now we get to have our sons play together! Though I'm not sure how aware they were of each other...

Caleb was fascinated by the toys on the play gym, and Joshua was studiously avoiding the interloper in his home...

And then, unfortunately, things took a slight turn for the worse. Joshua got a bit fussy -- I'm hoping this was just part of the week of fussiness he'd been going through, and not some sign of him being angry that he had to share his toys! Thankfully, Joshua's crying didn't set Caleb off; on the contrary, it almost looked like Caleb was reaching out to try to comfort his new friend!

Poor little guy. Hopefully he'll learn better company manners soon!

Saturday was the first beautiful spring-like day we'd had in months, so I decided to take Joshua out for his first outdoor excursion! The little guy had known nothing but snow his entire life up to that point -- his time outdoors had been strictly limited to being rushed from indoors to the car and back. On Saturday, though, it went up to the mid-50s, and the sun was shining brightly, so it was definitely the perfect day for a walk! David was at the annual PEF board meeting for the whole morning, into the early afternoon, so I decided to be brave and take Joshua out for a walk all by myself. I popped him in our Beco carrier, grabbed some outgoing mail, and headed off to the big blue mailbox in our neighborhood. And as I was crossing the street to get to the mailbox, who should drive up but David himself, coming back from the meeting... What perfect timing! :) So we decided to take a family excursion over to Marketfair, the upscale mall near our apartment, and really enjoyed the walk. We then headed over to campus to meet up with an old friend (SO good to see you, Jon!), and Joshua got to experience downtown Princeton from the comforts of his stroller. We're so looking forward to more beautiful days to share with our little guy!

Monday evening was another first for Joshua -- he attended his first Township committee meeting! We believe in starting political participation early... :) Our church has been trying to relocate for years, and has been slowing making its way through the morass of land use regulations and zoning board meetings. This Monday, the Township committee was considering the issue of sewer service to the parcel of land the church has purchased -- environmental groups have been protesting the idea of this parcel being developed at all, so the church asked its members to come out on Monday in a show of support. Because David and I both wanted to be there, we decided to bring Joshua as well. He was mostly quiet through the meeting, though there were a few times I had to walk him around the back of the room or take him out entirely to soothe him a bit... At one point, after a series of presentations on an ordinance, the mayor asked if there was any public comment, and Joshua let out a brief cry -- already wanting to be a part of the political process!

And then Tuesday evening was the most exciting "first"of them all -- Joshua smiled at us for the first time!! I had just finished feeding him, and had him propped up on his back on a pillow in my lap. I was half playing with his hands, half trying to finish clipping his little bitty fingernails (which is a very trepidacious process...). David was on the phone with his mom, setting up a Skype date for that evening. All of a sudden, Joshua looked up at David, and put on this huge, cheesy grin -- his eyes crinkled, his mouth opened in a clear grin, and his entire face lit up! And just to make it absolutely clear that he knew how to smile, he did it twice in rapid succession! I'm pretty sure both David and I started babbling incoherently about Joshua's smiling -- and David's mom joined in on the giddiness. :) Joshua has since smiled a couple more times at us, but his smiles are still very fleeting -- we haven't yet managed to get any of them on camera. But hopefully we'll get there sometime soon -- and you better believe we'll be posting those photos when we do!

Coming up next week: Joshua's first road trip, and his first crossing of a state line! We're driving out to Indianapolis next week to spend some time with David's parents (stopping on our way out there in Pittsburgh to introduce Joshua to his great-grandparents). We can't wait!