Friday, March 12, 2010

Joshua's birth announcement

We sent Joshua's birth announcements out in the mail earlier this week, so I think most of them should have been received by now... So here's what they looked like! (Click to enlarge.)

I really liked several designs on, but I didn't love their prices. I also wanted the option to include Joshua's Korean name. So I ended up creating the design myself in Photoshop, based on some of the designs I'd seen and liked, and getting them printed through (for a third of the Tinyprints price!). It was a lot of fun, and I learned a ton in the process -- for instance, how to draw a perfectly straight dotted line, and how to type in Korean characters. And I had so much fun picking the photos to go on the announcement! It's funny, though -- in just the time it took to design the card, get it printed, and then mail it out, Joshua has grown so much... He looks so tiny in these photos!

We so love sharing all of these details with all of you -- and we'd been looking forward to sending out birth announcements for a while. (I actually created the design, minus the photos and the birth details, a couple weeks before Joshua was born -- I don't think they would have gotten sent out otherwise!) Thank you all for sharing in our joy!

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Emily said...

This is brillant! I now have a weekend project!