Monday, March 1, 2010

Joshua Watch: One Month

We had such fun documenting our pregnancy with the weekly bump watch posts -- it's nice to have the record of such an exciting time in our lives!

Now that we actually have little Joshua to take care of, we don't have as much time to blog (sorry about that, I know we have loyal readers who wait for our updates!). But we do want to do something similar to the bump watch feature to chronicle Joshua's growth and development. So this post is the first of a new series -- a monthly Joshua Watch!

Every month, we plan to take a photo of Joshua next to this plush tiger (which was originally a gift to me from my college roommates Shauna and Rachel -- thanks, girls!). It's the perfect size to work as a comparator to mark Joshua's growth, and it's also in keeping with Joshua's Korean name. And, of course, it's a fitting theme for a Princeton family. :)

So here's the first Joshua Watch photo! We took this on Saturday, when Joshua turned one month old... It's hard to believe it's already been a month!

Isn't he cute? :) He's outgrown his newborn sized clothes, but he hasn't yet grown into the 0-3 sized pants I dressed him in for these photos... The cuffs are folded up about three inches, and David joked that Joshua looked like a samurai in his loose and flowy pants. :)

And yes, I do have stickers to correspond with each month. What else would you expect from a doting, record-keeping, first-time mama?

Joshua had his one-month check-up this afternoon, and he's doing so well! He now weighs a whopping 10 lbs., 11 oz., and he's 22-1/4 inches long -- 75th percentile for both height and weight. Our pediatrician was so pleased with his weight gain! It shows that he's certainly getting enough to eat, which is wonderful news, given how much weight he had lost in his first few days of life. The doctor also confirmed that Joshua has surprising neck strength for a one-month-old. When Joshua was lying on the table on his belly, the doctor held his hands against Joshua's feet, and Joshua sort of pushed off and scooted himself forward several inches! So there's a chance that we'll end up having an early crawler on our hands... How exciting, and terrifying... :)

I don't have a nice little developmental blurb, or any comparisons to fruits/vegetables. But what I do have is a fun little photo shoot we did with Joshua on his one month birthday. Here are a few of our favorite shots, one of which is now in our updated blog header above -- enjoy!

Contemplative Joshua

Baby feet!

He loves stretching his arm out like this -- David calls it his "Il Duce" pose

A half-smile of sorts... We can't wait until he's really smiling and laughing!

Happy one-month birthday, Joshua! We love you!


Emily said...

Love it! So cute! Also, been meaning to ask, do you have any recommendations on parenting books? We're starting to build up our library.

Rachel S. said...

oh my goodness, he's SO CUTE! and just by the way, 10lb 11oz is how much my youngest brother weighed at birth!

Ivy Mom said...

Love the Joshua Watch idea! Great photo shoot. He has grown so much! Love his sweet cheeks :) Good job Mama!