Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ed and Elaine Cong!

This past Sunday, my college roommate Elaine got married! Elaine and Ed had been dating for eight years -- they were both Princeton '03, and started dating our sophomore year. And they're perfect for each other! Their wedding was beautiful, elegant, and full of friends -- just like they are. :)

The wedding was held at the lovely Brooklyn Botanical Gardens -- it was a bit chilly and overcast for a May evening, so they moved the ceremony indoors. But the indoor location was still very elegant and garden-y -- a profusion of cherry blossoms at the front, and lush greenery visible through the glass walls.

Some of my favorite shots of the ceremony:

Ed, upon first seeing his bride walking down the aisle
(one of my favorite parts of all wedding ceremonies!).

Seriously, Elaine is so elegant!

Elaine and her girls -- love the color scheme!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Cong!

The cocktail hour and reception -- it was great catching up with so many old friends!

Roommates! Shauna, Diana and me, in our wedding finery.

Jon and Shauna, demonstrating our handmade favors -- olive oil bottles!

The entrance of the bride and groom!

And wow, can they dance...
(Incidentally, check out the number of cameras... totally an Asian wedding!)

Cheers to the happy couple! We love you!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you're posting again, I'm an avid 'Keddiebears' reader! Hope you can relish this weekend's quietness -- the calm before the storm of Reunions!
~love from New Mexico