Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling the birthday love!

Yesterday was a wonderful 27th birthday -- thanks to everyone who made it so special!

David sent these beautiful tulips and irises to my office:

(Apologies for the photo quality; this was taken by my cell phone.)

And then when I got home for dinner, he surprised me with this absolutely scrumptious cake from Chez Alice, the bakery that did our wedding cake!

Chocolate cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate curls -- yum!

And I had so many Facebook birthday wishes -- I really was touched. It's striking to see how Facebook really can work to reconnect you to old friends. I was actually surprised at how many of my old friends from middle school, the ones I had added as Facebook friends just to see what they're up to these days (yup, that's me, Facebook stalker extraordinaire), actually took the time to send me a birthday message. Not to mention the outpouring of love from the community we currently live in... Seriously, guys, I love Facebook. And I love you!

I was also informed by not one, but two of my grad student friends that this year is my last n^n birthday until I turn 64. That's right -- I'm now 3^3 years old. How exciting! I love how nerdy our friends are. :)

And I was brought to tears more than once by the expressions of love in simple birthday cards from family. My kid brother Eric (who, incidentally, is graduating from college in less than two weeks!) sent me the absolute sweetest card from a brother you could ever get. And David's grandparents have included me in their tradition of sending a birthday greeting to each grandchild -- it's such a welcoming, enfolding gesture, and I appreciate it more than I can express!

So here's my long-winded way of thanking all of you for loving me -- not just on my birthday, but every day. I have been so richly blessed with family and friends, and yesterday was a beautiful reminder of that. Thank you all so much!


Spruce Lee said...

Yay glad you had a good birthday!
...and btw your cellphone pictures are better than my digital camera pictures!

seeya soon!


Ivy Mom said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad it was a good one. The cake looked yummy and the pic of the flowers is outstanding!