Monday, April 15, 2013

The English language is super confusing

Just wanted to chronicle a few of the unintentionally hilarious moments of language acquisition happening around here of late.  :)  And because a post is always more interesting with photos, I'm also including a selection of my favorite recent Instagram pics of the wee boy!

We were reading through one of Joshua's illustrated Bibles, and we got to the story of Noah and the ark.  Joshua has been on an identification kick lately, asking me all the time "who is that?"  (Even when we're out at a store -- it's sweet how much faith he has in my omniscience!)  There's a picture of Noah working on the ark with another younger man, so Joshua asked me to identify the characters:

J: "Mama, who is that?"
Me: "That's Noah."
J: "And who is that?"
Me: "I think that's Noah's son."
J, nodding sagely: "Yes, no sun.  The sun is hiding.  I think it's behind the clouds.  But Mama," pointing again, more insistently, "who is that??"

I like blowing raspberries on Sophia's belly during playtime, because it always brings forth these cute little startled giggles.  She was lying down on a blanket one morning while Joshua was playing nearby, and he looked up when I blew my first raspberry.

J: "Oh!  Sophia laughs!"
Me: "Yes, I think she likes it when I give her raspberries!"
J: "Raspberry for Joshua?  Joshua eat raspberries??"
Me: "Oh, I'm sorry, honey, not that kind of raspberry..."

Anticipating a toddler meltdown (Joshua loves raspberries, and we didn't have any berries of any kind in the house), I was about to explain the difference when Joshua surprised me by reaching over to Sophia's belly, plucking an imaginary berry, and pretending to eat it with great glee.  So now,  the word "raspberries" means it's time to harvest the imaginary crop growing out of Sophia's belly!

Joshua has a small soft fabric ball that he's allowed to throw around indoors.  Usually, he plays nicely with it in the living room, but the other day, he followed me into the dining room area and threw the ball with great force at the table.  I immediately took the ball away and tried to capitalize on a teaching moment.

Me: "Joshua, we do not throw balls at the table.  See all the stuff on it that you could break?  You could hit the computer, you could hit the glass..."
J, formulating the new rules in his head: "We don't hit the table."
Me, excited: "That's right!"
J, who still confuses you and I: "You don't hit the table.  You can hit the computer, you can hit the glass, but not the table!!"

(This one I've shared on FB already, but it's too cute not to memorialize here!)

David and I were having a grown-up conversation in the living room, and Joshua desperately wanted to run fast with his papa.

J: "Papa, Papa, Papa -- no talking! No talking!"
Me: "Joshua, don't shout 'no talking.' What do you say when you want to get someone's attention?
J: "May I have no talking, please?"

The correct answer was "excuse me," but it's good to know our other lessons on basic manners are sinking in!