Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter 2013

We celebrated Easter this year with a variety of kid-friendly traditions and fun events -- it's so sweet to watch Joshua grow in understanding of some of these traditions and take part with such enthusiasm!

Just to start things off on a cute note: here's my favorite of the "official" Easter photos I took of Joshua and Sophia.  :)

The kids and I have been part of a wonderful playgroup of Christian families with kids all around the same age for the last several months -- Joshua looks forward to going to Elliot's house every Thursday now!  So the Thursday before Easter, we spent time decorating eggs with the kids and talking about ways we can teach our children about the resurrection.  I always come away from these playdates with much food for thoughts -- which is seriously impressive, given the amount of crowd control and distraction that comes with wrangling all these small children!  :)

It was Joshua's first time decorating eggs, and he was fascinated by the process.  The moms did the dying part in the middle of the dining table (out of reach of curious little hands!), and then the kids used markers, stickers, and stamps to decorate the eggs.  Of course, Joshua kept turning to me every few minutes to ask me to wipe his hands... I have no idea where he gets this fastidious bent.  ;)

Then on Easter Sunday, after a lovely morning service at Westerly, we had a potluck dinner with our Sunday small group.  And we had a little Easter egg hunt for the toddler boys.  :)

The baby girls were a little less enthusiastic about the egg hunt...

...but still incredibly cute.  :)

We had a really lovely dinner together -- it's funny how we all collectively pull out all the stops whenever there's a food event!

And we managed to get one decent group shot of all of us!  (Including special guests Tae and Jeff, in town for a visit!)

We're so thankful for the wonderful community we have here in Princeton, and all the beautiful ways we were able to celebrate the resurrection with our family and friends.  He is risen indeed!