Friday, April 12, 2013

Sophia Watch: Eight Months

It's the end of an era, y'all -- Sophia's hair is (mostly) lying flat these days!  I'm going to miss that absurd shock of hair on the top of her head...  :)

Another first for the Sophia Watch photos -- a ridiculously cute little baby skirt!  It's finally starting to get a little bit spring-like here in Princeton, so we celebrated with a spring green blanket and little skirt!

Our sweet girl had another month of slow and steady growth, with one particularly big milestone: her first tooth!  Teething appears to be a slower and more irritating process for poor Fifi than it was for her big brother -- she had several days of unusual crying jags, which cleared up as soon as that evil tooth of doom broke through the surface.  But even so, she only had crying fits about once a day, and she was her typically placid self otherwise.  We'll see how she handles the appearance of other teeth... They appear to be coming in just one at a time (another contrast with Joshua), so hopefully this won't be a long, drawn-out, painful process for her!

With the appearance of a (very sharp) tooth came some painful bites during nursing sessions.  Back when Joshua got his first teeth, he started biting really hard, too, and nothing I tried was successful at getting him to stop, so we ended up weaning him at 7 months and switching to formula.  I was worried that the same would happen with Sophia, but either I've gotten better at this parenting thing or she's more compliant than her brother was -- because after a couple weeks of painful bites and shortened nursing sessions, she's learned to stop!  So I'm hopeful that we'll be able to hit my goal of a full year of breastfeeding!

The other noticeable change in Sophia this month was her increased babbling and giggling.  She now fairly regularly says/shouts "dadadada," with great vigor and glee -- David claims that she's calling for him.  :)  It's really cute watching her try out her vocal cords and let loose these pterodactyl shrieks, and it's particularly sweet watching her laugh at Joshua's antics.  We can't wait until she takes part more fully in playtime with her brother!

And some more sweet photos of our little Sophia at eight months!