Sunday, December 23, 2012

This year's Christmas card

We finally sent out our Christmas card about a week and a half ago, so it's probably safe for me to post it here now.  :)

In preparation for this card, I finally, finally got a photo of all four of us together!  It only took over three months after Sophia was born for us to get a family photo... I was using my 85mm lens, and wanted a nice shot with some of the last leaves of autumn framing us, so I set up the tripod about 150 feet away and had David corral Joshua into position.  Because my remote battery was dead, I had to use the 10-second self-timer on the camera -- which meant I hit the shutter and then SPRINTED (while trying not to jostle Sophia) to get in position in time.  It's a miracle that this photo turned out as well as it did.  :)

So here's the 2012 Keddie family Christmas card, front and back:

And just because I love it so, here's a larger version of our family photo!

Wishing you a lovely Christmas, from our family to yours!

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RBQ said...

It's a lovely photo, thank you for the card! Merry Christmas!