Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sophia Watch: Four Months

Our sweet Sophia is four months old!  And definitely growing fast -- some friends of ours saw her the other day for the first time in a few weeks, and kept marveling at how huge she is now.  :)  She has her four-month check-up on Monday, so we'll have height and weight stats then, but she's definitely, definitely a healthy little girl!

See?  Way bigger than Bun-bun now!  And that white onesie here?  Is a Gerber 18-month onesie.  Now, Gerber sizes run crazy small, and I did fold up the sleeves a little bit, but STILL.  I love how well our dear little girl is growing!

This has been a month of continued equilibrium-regaining as a family.  Sophia continues to be a great sleeper at night -- I half-wake her up for a last feeding at 11pm, and she then sleeps soundly until 8am, or even later if her boisterous older brother doesn't wake her up.  ;)  She fights the daytime naps a little, but about half the time she'll just fuss for a few minutes and then soothe herself to sleep; the other half of the time, she'll get louder in her complaints until I come pick her up and soothe her back down.  Joshua is very much the concerned older brother -- whenever he hears her cry, he'll stop playing, look up at me with a worried face, and observe that "Baby Sophia cries!"  He loves coming upstairs with me when I go to check on Sophia or when it's time to put her down for her nap, and he'll run in a tight circle around me singing "Twinkle Twinkle" while I soothe his little sister.  It's the sweetest thing ever, and I think his happy little voice really does help to calm Sophia down!

Sophia has gotten pretty good at self-soothing this month.  She's been sucking on her fingers for a while now, but a couple weeks ago, she decided she's done with her pacifiers and that she vastly prefers her own hand -- specifically, the middle two fingers of her left hand.  When those fingers find their way into her mouth, I know I can safely tiptoe out of the room and let her drift off to sleep.

She's also starting to coo and babble with more regularity, which is so incredibly cute.  One reason I know she's extremely well-fed and not at all starving?  She stops mid-nursing session, pretty much every time, to smile and gurgle at me.  As though she's saying, "dude, this stuff is amazing.  Have you tried it yet??"  :)

And it looks like we've settled on a cutesy nickname for our little girl... Joshua was "J-bear" pretty consistently through his infanthood, so I thought we'd call Sophia "Sophie-bear" or something similar.  But that just doesn't quite roll off the tongue well enough.  Instead, I've found myself calling her "Fifi" while soothing her in her pouty moods -- the ridiculously cute, giant baby pout just calls forth silly nicknames and baby talk, and thus, "Fifi" was born.  :) 

So here are a few more cute shots of our wee Fifi!

How old are you, Sophia?
Four months, yo.

Left hand in her mouth, right hand twirling her hair

Who's she looking at so intensely in that last shot?  It's my second shooter, big brother Joshua!

"Smile, baby Sophia!"

"The model, she has slumped.  I cannot work under these conditions."

My new favorite photo of the two cutest kiddos in the world.

Then, of course, this happened:

I can already see how I'll need to referee playtime between these two...  ;)

Happy four month birthday, little Sophia!