Saturday, December 22, 2012

NASA Johnson Style!

A brief interlude amidst all the Christmas posts...  :)

My younger brother, Eric, is an internet celebrity!  He and his fellow interns at NASA's Johnson Space Center created a fun little video parodying PSY's Gangnam Style, posted it on YouTube, and it's become a viral sensation -- over 3 million views as of this evening!

And it's been picked up by all kinds of media sources!  Screenshots featuring Eric have been posted on CNET, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and any number of other blogs and online news sources.  Probably most exciting was the inclusion of a brief clip (including Eric's vocals!) on Katie Couric's 2012 year-in-review special!  (Relevant clip available here; start at 5:10, and look for the big star himself at 5:48!)

Joshua absolutely LOVES watching the video.  He constantly asks to "watch Uncle Eric??" and he gleefully points out every planet, rocket, and asteroid in the video.  He's also picked up on the fact that we'll be more lenient about letting him watch videos on our phones if it's the Uncle Eric video, so he's capitalizing on that weakness as much as possible.  :)

We're so, so proud of you, Eric!  Definitely looking forward to having you come visit us soon -- and there are lots of our friends who really want to meet you and brush up against your internet fame a little bit.  ;)