Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joshua's first year collage and slideshow!

Just barely getting this post done before Joshua turns 13 months old...  I've finally finished Joshua's first year retrospective slideshow!  It's a collection of some of our favorite photos and videos of our dear wee lad -- and believe me, it was hard to winnow it down, because there's no such thing as a bad photo of our cutie.  :)

But before I post the video, I have to post our "Joshua Watch" collage, in celebration of making it all the way through a year of monthly growth comparison photos with Mr. Tiger.  There were definitely some months near the end there where I didn't think we'd be able to get any more usable shots of Joshua at least kind of lying back next to the tiger, but we managed to eke it out!  Any future children will have their growth comparison photos taken propped up in a chair or doing something more interesting than placidly lying back.  ;)  But in continued celebration of Joshua's first birthday, here's a little collage of all twelve of his Joshua Watch photos:

And then the slideshow video.  WARNING: It's long (almost 13 minutes), and super high on the cheese factor... David has been poking fun of my song choices all week.  :)  And he specifically wanted me to point out that his contribution was Randy Newman, not "let them giggle."  But I say, if you can't be sappy and sentimental about your baby turning one, when can you be?

Hope you enjoy this year-in-review of our amazingly cute, sweet, wonderful little boy!


Heather said...

Loved the slideshow! Parts of it almost made me cry! Allie liked watching it too... and she danced to the Randy Newman song. =)

Amy F.W. said...

LOVE the comparison shots, and lying down really shows his growth!!! Love the slideshow, I will have to show it to Piper soon. =D