Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joshua's new BFF

So that one girl from Alabama who came up for our Longwood Gardens get-together?  That was Melissa, who got to stay with us last weekend for her visit.  :)  She's an absolute sweetheart (and an amazing wildlife and nature photographer), and we all had so much fun hosting her!

But especially Joshua, I think.  He discovered within minutes of meeting her that she had a collection of tasty lens caps just like mama's, and was completely won over by her from that moment on.  :)  He was definitely on his best behavior for our house guest -- up to and including a rare dinner out, where he peacefully played in the high chair and ate most of a kid's meal!

I got this sweet series of photos of Joshua playing with his new friend, and just had to create a blog post specially for these shots.  :)

Melissa, we all loved having you visit us.  Joshua misses you!


Melissa Scott said...

AWW!! I miss you guys and Joshua!! He is so adorable! I love these photos! He is seriously the best little well behaved!

Jodi said...

Those are awesome! We will definitely have to have Bryce and Joshua meet the next time there is a get together. It was so wonderful to meet you and Melissa!

h3b said...

aw, this is adorable!!

Amy F.W. said...

I'm late to posting but just want to cool!!! I hope I get to meet Joshua soon, since I got to meet both you lovely ladies! =D