Monday, September 6, 2010

Joshua's baptism!

On Sunday, August 29, Joshua was baptized!

The service was officiated by David Kim, a minister ordained in the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) who is also a member of our church.  David is also the executive director of Manna, the Christian fellowship I was primarily involved in back in college, and he was a real mentor to me for so many years -- so it was really fitting that he was the one to baptize our little son.  :) We also had a number of dear friends take part in the service (and at the last minute, too -- sorry for not being totally on top of all of the details!) -- Matt led us all in worship, and Aime and Andrew did scripture readings.

It was a beautiful afternoon service, held at Hope Presbyterian Church down in Lawrenceville.  Joshua, I think, was perhaps a bit overheated in his pretty pretty church clothes, and wanted to play rather than be quietly held in my arms, so he got a little fussy during the first part of the service... And he was definitely voicing his opinions to us all when we handed him over to David.  But as soon as the water hit his head, he calmed down.  Later, one of our friends commented that it was the perfect analogy to how we're all brought into the kingdom -- kicking and screaming, but then recipients of God's grace.  :)

David's baptism charge was to us as Joshua's parents -- to recognize that we are but stewards of his life.  We can't control him or live vicariously through him, but rather, we have been given the awesome responsibility of raising him up in light of God's covenant promises -- to guide him and direct him, always remembering that he is a child of God.  It's a sobering duty, but also a joyous gift.

We were touched by how many wonderful friends came to stand with us at Joshua's baptism.  Part of the service is a series of vows made by the congregation to pray for and stand alongside us as Joshua's parents -- we're so blessed to have all of you in our lives!

And what blog post would be complete without photos?  :)  Joshua's future father-in-law -- um, that is, our dear friend John Jameson took several photos of the service and the hanging out afterwards.  His work is always beautiful, and this was no exception!

Waiting somewhat patiently at the beginning of the service

David Kim during his charge

Yup, we were all in blue

The baptism

Family photo with David Kim

Newly-baptized wee lad!
Erik was telling us that in his family, there's a saying that babies who are loud during their baptisms are destined for the ministry -- they just want to have their own voices heard in church!

Joshua and his future bride -- er, little family friend, Anna Jameson

What a beautiful time of fellowship, as Joshua received the sign of God's covenant promise!