Friday, November 15, 2013

Random Instagrammy goodness

Just some fun Instagram shots from this fall, to record these memories for posterity.  :)

I can't get over how cute Sophia is when she plays peekaboo!  Her chubby wee hands are juuuust barely big enough to cover her eyes!

He asked me to build a tower with his cars.  I told him it wasn't possible, and tried to steer him to other toys.  Minutes later, I see this.

Fifi's first pigtail!

"I make a big tower!  And now I make a big smile!"

A lazy Saturday morning playing in the window seat.

Joshua's first field trip -- to a farm!  With a bus, and a hayride!

Sophia loves wiping up, and will try to help clean any time you give her a napkin or cloth.

With Shaddai on Ms. Angela's birthday, at small group.

Sophia's pumpkin butt sleeping position (deeply asleep on a Monday morning, just before I have to wake her so we can pick Joshua up from school...)

Playing with friends' water bottles during Wednesday small group!