Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sophia Watch: Three Months

(Backdating this and trying to at least get it up on the blog before Sophia turns four months old...  It's surprising how being a SAHM to two little ones can eat up all your time!  But at least the photos were taken within a couple days of Sophia's three-month birthday!)

It's hard to believe Sophia is already three months old!  She's grown steadily smilier and more interactive this month.  And she's continued to grow all plump and cute -- while I have no weight/height stats for her (our pediatrician has well baby visits at two months and four months), I can affirm that her rubber band wrists and dimpled legs remain imminently nommable.  ;)

And check out the absolutely wonderful happy photo I got during Sophia's three-month session!

This picture makes my heart smile.  :)

The biggest milestone we reached this month was Sophia sleeping through the night!!  It first happened the night after we got back from the PEF fall retreat (at 12 weeks).  I did her dream-feeding at 11pm as usual, and then woke up with a start at 7 the next morning.  I thought it was likely a fluke resulting from the travel disruption... It happened again the next night, which was our first night in Indianapolis -- again possibly a fluke.  But it continued on through our time in Indy, and has continued on ever since.  Sophia actually sleep trained herself -- she just up and decided she was done with her 3am feeding.  I was flabbergasted at how easy it was.  And I fully recognize that this means I have no standing to complain about parenting to any other new moms.  ;)  I think this is just an extension of Sophia's easygoing nature, and also a reflection of how healthy she is -- she's gained plenty of weight, and doesn't need to eat as often now.  Whatever the reason, I'm just so thankful for the opportunities to get decent sleep!  (If only her brother would stop waking up in the middle of the night for no reason...)

We've fallen into a good rhythm as a family this month.  Sophia is on a regular four-hour schedule during the day, which fits nicely with our meals and Joshua's nap.  She wakes up, eats for about half an hour, and then I get to snuggle and play with her for about another half hour before she's ready to go down for her next nap.  She loves being held upright and walked near our bookcases -- I think she's attracted to the colors and strong lines.  That, or she's a super early reader.  ;)

And Joshua has learned to play gently with Sophia.  He likes rocking her in her little chair, and sharing his toys with her -- and I'm finally having some luck in teaching him the difference between "sharing with" and "throwing at."  :)  I have hopes that the two of them will play nicely with each other as they get older!

Just a few cute shots of Sophia, from our little "session" and from earlier this month!

(She's found her hair and likes twirling her fingers in it...)

(Her eyes are still very bluish-grey!)

Happy three-month birthday, little girl!  We love you so much!