Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sophia Watch: Two Months

Little Sophia is two months old!  I know this is a cliche, but I really can't believe how quickly the time is flying by -- more quickly, it seems, this second time around.  In the midst of all the craziness of caring for two little ones, I'm trying to savor every moment and milestone... And we've hit a few fun ones this month!  Sophia continues to grow and thrive (further dispelling any worries about her immune system, thankfully!) -- at her two-month checkup yesterday, she was 12 pounds, 5 ounces, and 23 inches tall!  And you can see the extra pounds and inches when you compare her one month photo with this month's comparison shot:

I love those deliciously snuggly arms and her imminently nommable cheeks.  :)  [[Beautiful blanket knit by our dear friend Melissa H., as a gift for Joshua -- it's a gift that keeps giving, as both our kiddos love it!]]

Sophia continues to fit right into our family routine.  She's a relatively easygoing little baby -- she sleeps well in her crib, only occasionally needing us to come and comfort her with a pacifier and some light shushing and belly-patting.  And she sleeps really well in our Beco baby carrier -- I bring her along on all of our planned outings for Joshua, and I'm really thankful that she doesn't seem to mind these disruptions!  So before she hit two months, Sophia attended her first music class, her first tractor ride, her first kids' storytime... I suppose early exposure is one of the perks of being a younger sibling!

Sophia is also pretty strong and wriggly for a two-month-old.  (Our pediatrician commented on her neck and leg strength, and said it's likely we'll have another early crawler on our hands...)  She does this really cute peering thing when you put her up on your shoulder to burp her -- she lifts her head waaaay up and stares intently above her.  We call this move the meerkat, because she totally looks like she's surveying the skies for predators (much like in this video, courtesy of Wikipedia).  So of course we've taught Joshua to pretend to be an eagle.  :)  Sophia will meerkat over my shoulder, and then Joshua will spread his arms and cry out like an eagle... It's okay to teach your kids to do weird things to make you laugh, right?  ;)

And Sophia has also started to smile at us!  Her smiles are still small and fleeting, but they're definitely social smiles in response to seeing our faces.  It's wonderful seeing her grow more interactive!  I managed to catch one of her smiles on camera during our two-month photo session:

What an infectious grin! She's such a happy little girl.  :)

And just a few more favorites from our little photo session (which took place during Joshua's nap, so no big brother cameos this time around -- sorry!):

Bunbun is sooo comfy...
Already working on a cheesy camera grin!
Tonight, we ride!!
Happy two month birthday, little snugglebug!  We love you so much!