Wednesday, October 31, 2012

PEF Fall Retreat!

The last weekend of October, we all went on the PEF fall retreat!  This was the first fall retreat in years -- I think the last one was the fall of my senior year, 2002?  There was enough interest among the students (and enough energy on the staff side!) to reinstate this tradition this year, and it was such a good weekend!

This was also our first time bringing *both* kids on a trip.  I was a little nervous about how they would handle the disruptions to our normal routine, and whether I would be able to do anything other than childcare over the weekend, but as it turned out, I had nothing to worry about.  The retreat was up in the Poconos, about a 2-hour drive away in good traffic.  Of course, driving north on Friday during rush hour is anything but good traffic... But thankfully, the kids did well with the car trip!  And at the retreat itself, Joshua had a BLAST playing with all the students.  He loved having so many energetic friends to run around with -- and this tired mama was glad to have others take on the task of running after our little ball of perpetual motion!  And little Sophia was such a trooper.  She hung out in the baby carrier with me for most of the weekend, eating and sleeping regularly, and just rolling with all the changes.  She really is such a mellow little girl!

So for the first time in weeks, I was able to sit through some good PEF teaching.  The retreat theme was busyness and rest, a topic that is always apropos for Princetonians.  The format of the meetings was a bit different -- instead of having two or three main messages, there were a series of mini-messages, interspersed with times of directed prayer and sharing.  I very much appreciated hearing the messages -- though my current season of busyness is different from that of the students, the message of God's rest is just as applicable, if not more!

And of course, I took a ton of photos.  I do love being the PEF photographer and capturing the sheer fun of hanging out with college students!

One of the many amenities of the retreat center: Gaga Ball!  And the students graciously let Joshua in on a very brief round.  :)

Meetings in the rustic lodge:

While Joshua played (relatively) quietly in the back:

And one of the retreat highlights: a campfire!

What an incredibly fun and refreshing weekend away!