Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seriously the cutest video ever

But first a little blog housekeeping...  I'm working my way through the blog backlog, and will probably publish those posts in chunks so as not to completely overwhelm my Facebook feed with the automatic Networked Blog posts.  You're welcome.  :)  In the meantime, though, I'm showing my renewed commitment to this blog by giving it a little bit of a facelift!  I've installed a new custom font for the post titles (thanks to Google web fonts!), and updated the header image for the first time in over a year and a half -- it's crazy how much Joshua has grown since then!  The family shot in the middle was taken by John Jameson for our church directory -- David got Joshua to smile by tickling him, and we were all laughing as a result.  I love how happy we look there!

And because I didn't want to wait until I'd gotten caught up on old posts before putting up some recent cuteness...  Here's one of Joshua's latest achievements!

Some explanation behind the video that follows:
  • Joshua recently rediscovered the "taggie" blanket he had played with extensively when he was much younger -- they're designed to give infants visual and oral stimulation, by providing a fringe of colorful tags for babies to chew on and play with.  Now that Joshua's a big boy, though, he wasn't interested in putting the tags in his mouth.  Instead, he promptly put it on his head and christened it "little hat!!!"  And hilarity ensued.
  • Joshua is also in love with a book his Keddie grandparents sent him for his birthday, Richard Scarry's "Best Word Book Ever."  He calls it the "Book of Everything," and over the last few months, he's insisted that we read (and reread, and reread, and reread) the book to him.  A few weeks ago, though, we realized that one reason why he wanted us to read a page to him over and over again was because he was busily memorizing the text... Here's a shot of the spread that he's reciting, almost verbatim, from memory, in the video below:

And now for the promised video!

How cute and smart is our wee boy??


Anonymous said...

SOOO cute!! AND smart!

Emily said...

Ugh - so freaking cute!!!

h3b said...

oh my that is adorable! what a smart boy!!

Jessie said...

Oh my gosh this is so cute!!!! He is so smart :-)