Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Keddies!

Let's see if I can get a Thanksgiving post up before Christmas...  :)

We hosted David's family for Thanksgiving this year -- it helps having David's brother and his wife living in Manhattan now.  (Still getting used to thinking of Iain and Erin as married!)  So David's parents drove out from Indy, and Iain and Erin took the train down from the city, and we all missed Donald, who's out in South Korea now...

The last time we hosted Thanksgiving, I was heavily pregnant.  And now look at our great big boy, imperiously commanding all of us on a brief walk around the neighborhood!

He had so much fun exploring with Grandma and Grandpa -- and I don't think they really minded being ordered around by such a benevolent dictator.  :)

(Here's where we switch to iPhone/Instagram pics...)

After a lovely, Wegmans-catered Thanksgiving dinner, we all hung out with Joshua and his books and trains.  Mostly his books -- he loved having so many new adults to beg to read to him!

Then on Black Friday, we made a trip into the city to hang out with Erin's family.  It was Joshua's first time on a train -- and both Joshua's and Grandpa's first time on the New York subway!

We then walked the High Line, a really lovely park converted from an old elevated rail line.  Currently, it runs from the meatpacking district up to Penn Station, but I believe there are plans to expand it further north.  I'm afraid Joshua wasn't terribly impressed -- but at least he got a nap in during this very busy and exciting day!

All in all, it was a lovely holiday weekend with family.  We have so many things to be thankful for!