Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Vespers 2011

Sunday evening, December 11, was the annual interfellowship Christmas Vespers.  And as always, it was such a beautiful service!  There were a record-breaking 38 students in the choir, which sounded absolutely majestic in the soaring splendor of Rockefeller Common Room, singing music beautifully arranged, as always, by Jamie Rankin.  We also had a harp, several string instruments, a percussion section, some woodwinds, and Rob Dunlop '01 coming back for his umpteenth year as the French hornist.  :)

The readings, though familiar, always bring home to me new facets and applications of the Incarnation.  And we had some seriously powerful soloists this year!  The songs chosen for this service always move me to tears, and this year was no exception.

David Buschman gave a touching message on how the Old Testament comes to a point or apex with the birth of Christ, which then spreads the message of God's salvation to all peoples everywhere -- the hourglass view of all history, if you will.

It was so restorative, in the midst of this busy season in our lives, to come together in worship and be reminded anew of God's great gift of grace.