Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rachel and Shay's wedding!

On June 12, we drove out to Long Island for the wedding of one of my college roommates (and one of the very first people I met at Princeton), Rachel!  The wedding was held at the DeSeverky mansion, a former DuPont mansion and one of the most beautiful wedding locations we've ever been to.  If it weren't a 2.5-hour drive away, I would seriously consider taking Joshua there just for a photo shoot!  It was an absolutely lovely backdrop for a beautifully romantic wedding.  (For some truly amazing photos, check out the sneak peek from their pro photogs here -- and check it out, Joshua made it into the sneak peek!)

Rachel and Shay really did have such a lovely wedding.  They met in Israel while Rachel was posted in Tel Aviv with the State Department, so they officially got married there back in April.  But I personally was very, very glad that they had a ceremony close enough for us to drive to in a day with a toddler.  ;)  Joshua had SO MUCH FUN celebrating -- he played with a fountain off to the side during the ceremony, was enchanted with the hora, clapped along after all of the toasts, and generally charmed the pants off of all and sundry.  And we had a lovely time being there for Rachel and Shay and catching up with dear old friends.  We all really should get together more often!!

(And this was the first big event I got to use our new 70-200mm telephoto lens -- I looooove this beast of a lens!)