Monday, April 26, 2010

Communiversity 2010

Last Saturday was Communiversity, the annual town and gown street fair.  Back when I was a student, I spent most of Communiversity on the "gown" side of the Fitzrandolph Gates, checking out student group tables and hanging out with my friends.  (Yeah, I totally missed the point of the mash-up between community and university...)

Oh, how the times have changed...

This year, the three of us were helping out with Westerly's booth, which was in a prime spot on the "town" side of Nassau Street, just outside the U-Store.  David and I were there to help field any questions or protests about Westerly's proposed relocation... That's been a long saga, and might be worth a post or two of its own, but I think the comment thread on this Daily Prince article is indicative of some of the vitriol the church has been facing in this anti-development town.  Turns out we were overcautious, though -- the only interaction we had about the relocation was positive.  So we all got to just sit back and enjoy the beautiful day and the fun of Communiversity!

I only took a few photos, since I had Joshua strapped to my front (though I'm getting better at the baby + camera maneuver!), so here are some of our favorites!

Joshua in the car on the way, wearing his summer hat for the first time!

The "This I Believe" board, for anyone to write their beliefs, questions, deep thoughts, etc.

Free ice cold bottled water, and free balloons

Pastor Matt and Pastor John, appropriately attired for Communiversity  :)

So much fun!  We only stayed for a couple hours (it's been too long since we've spent any significant amount of time in the sun, and David's Northern European genes couldn't withstand the sudden assault), but we saw so many friends (both community and university!) and had such a good time.  I say this all the time, but really, we love our community!

For the full set of Communiversity photos, check out this SmugMug gallery.