Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bump Watch: 40 Weeks

Forty weeks!! And we're still here, still just waiting... But Eggi could really be here any day now -- we're so excited to be meeting him soon!

And wow, do I look ready to give birth... Here's me from last night, on our due date:

All that's left for us now is just waiting until Eggi decides to make his appearance... and counting all the beginning signs of labor!

This morning, we had a bit of excitement -- I had a little bleeding and cramping, so I called my doctor just to let her know, in an overabundance of caution. She wanted me to come in to be checked, which was a little surprising to me -- this is the first time this pregnancy that one of my overcautious phone calls resulted in an unscheduled trip to the OB! So we decided to make this a test run of sorts -- we finished packing our hospital bags, threw them in the trunk, and headed over to the doctor's. Turns out I'm now 2-3 cm dilated, and in my doctor's words, "teetering on the brink of labor." Exciting!

And I think I might be experiencing the beginnings of contractions now as well -- on top of the new pains and weird feelings I've had for the past several days, I'm also getting small waves of cramps that hurt enough to take my breath away. They're still very short and infrequent, so nothing official yet, but definitely some progress!

So we think we're about as ready as we'll ever be. Bags are packed, baby gear is all washed and set up, and we've loaded a contraction timing application on David's iPod Touch (yeah, there's an app for that)...

Even BabyCenter.com is a bit more subdued this week -- I guess there just isn't as much by way of fetal development in these last stages. So they threw in some newborn tidbits to spice things up:
It's hard to say for sure how big your baby will be, but the average newborn weighs about 7 1/2 pounds (a small pumpkin) and is about 20 inches long. The biggest part of your baby's body is his head, but his still-pliable skull will give it the flexibility necessary to squeeze through the birth canal. Many parents are surprised by how long and sharp their newborn's nails are from the get-go. Clipping them right away (ask a nurse for help) can prevent your baby from scratching his face.
We'll be sure to keep you all posted -- hopefully, we'll have good news to share sometime soon!


Erin & Erik said...

WOW! So exciting, it does sound close! And I'm so impressed that you're still blogging (: We're looking forward to sweet little Eggi's arrival too!

Janae said...

So exciting!!! Good luck!

Jessie said...

ROFL - a contraction timing app :-) I'm so excited for you guys!!

La Cot said...

Oh my goodness! So exciting! Eggi must be coming soon! Sending in prayers that everything will go smoothly :)

Also...a contraction timing app...of course :P