Friday, January 15, 2010

Baby Preparedness

It's getting to be crunch time over here, and I think we're pretty on top of things -- insofar as anyone can actually prepare for a baby, we're checking those items off of our to-do lists!

Number one on my list for a while has been setting up the nursery. We've got all the furniture assembled and in place, bedding and baby clothes are washed and ready to go, and we've got a bunch of cute toys and sleep aids all set up. And it's all so pretty! :)

Alphabet flashcards over the daybed

The bed and closet, with Eggi's bouncy seat / rocker

The crib with the comforter hung on the wall (and check out the cute
parrot marionette hanging on the lamp -- a gift from Rachel and Shay!)

Dresser, bookcase and crib, plus cute wall hangings and useful Diaper Genie

And some detail shots:

Sleep Sheep -- a cuddly white noise machine to help babies sleep
(a gift from Shauna and Jon!)

Cute little teddy bear bookend, with the beginnings of Eggi's library
(books here are gifts from Lucy, Erin, and Emily)

The beginnings of Eggi's toy collection
(gifts from Dayle, Erin, Shauna & Jon, and Jean & Donald)

Fun times! I have to say, nursery setup has been my favorite part of the nesting impulse. :)

We've also started packing our hospital bags. I've done my research, and come up with what I think is a comprehensive list of all that we could conceivably need during our hospital stay... Because that's what I do when faced with the unknowable and uncontrollable. I make lists. :)

And we've installed the infant car seat! And gotten it inspected! And put a cute little mobile on it! As this is the one legal requirement before we can take our baby home from the hospital, I'm glad we got this particular item checked off our list. (No pictures of this yet, but I'm sure we'll have tons of cute shots of our little boy actually in the car seat soon!)

We only have a few necessary items left to get, which we'll take care of this weekend (yay for registry completion coupons!) -- it's kind of silly, but I'm really looking forward to this shopping spree. We've been blessed so richly by family and friends gifting us the items we need, and we can't say often enough how thankful we are for all of them! But this will be the first time we get to go on a major shopping trip for our little boy. How fun!

And then, when all of the checklist have been completed and everything is put in its place... all we'll need is our little son!

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Ivy Mom said...

The nursery looks great! How exciting to be so close?!

I'm a list maker too......don't forget snacks for the hubby in the hospital. He might not have time to run to the cafeteria during the main event!

Wishing you the best in labor and delivery! Can't wait to see little boy Keddie!