Sunday, September 1, 2013

Video update: Party tricks with the Keddie kiddies!

Just a few snippets of the fun and funny things Joshua and Sophia are doing these days!

Some video footage of the hide and seek game they were playing during Sophia's 12-month photos:

Sophia demonstrating her ability to say "yes" in response to her very favorite question:

Sophia just chilling, standing like a boss:

Cascading giggles in the car.  I just wish I could have reached around to get a glimpse of Sophia's face!

A longer video, of Joshua "reading" one of his favorite books, "Flap Your Wings":

Reading together.  Or at least, next to each other.

Joshua, my assistant videographer, narrating a video of his baby sister:

And a short one, showing off Sophia's latest trick -- "how big is Sophia?"