Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Sing 'Oh My Soul'? Just the verse?" [VIDEO]

As I mentioned in the three-year-old update post, Joshua is getting much better at (and more into) singing these days.  And it's surprising how many songs he's learned!  We always laugh about how he, as an illiterate toddler, is in an oral tradition all of his own -- he has to memorize things if he wants to experience them again on his own, and it's amazing just how sponge-like his memory is!

We realized a couple months ago that he had entirely memorized the words to Matt Redman's "10,000 Reasons," a popular Christian contemporary hit.  David used it as background music to last year's senior slideshow video, and Joshua loves watching that video and pointing out all of his friends.  (We all miss you, class of 2012!)  We were in the car listening to the radio when that song came on, and to our surprise, Joshua sang along with it!

Joshua calls this song "Oh My Soul" -- which makes sense, as that's a repeated and elongated line in the chorus.  And he consistently requests that we sing "Oh My Soul," directing either that we start at the beginning ("just the verse") or with the chorus ("just the chorus").

And I finally got it on video!  Please excuse my errors in singing -- I typically have to look up the lyrics on my phone, but I was using my phone to record the video so I was winging it and messed up a few times.  (Yes, Joshua's memory is better than mine...)  And as usual, Joshua got distracted by the phone partway through, but he does make it all the way through the song in this video!

Cutest.  Thing.  Ever.  I could listen to his little voice singing all day long!


The Lieu Crew said...

That's awesome!! I feel like he's talking so much more than when we saw you guys last!

RBQ said...

Ohh, warms my heart!

Anonymous said...

What a delight to hear your little one sing this song!