Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sophia Watch: Five Months

[Backdating this one, too -- the photos were at least taken right after Sophia turned five months old!]

Our happy, smiley, sweet-tempered little angel is five months old!  She's growing so fast, and her personality is coming out more strongly every day -- it's clear that she's an easy-going and very happy little girl!  Case in point: she literally giggled her way through our five-month session, giving me gems like this one:

What an enormous, adorable grin!  She will pretty reliably smile back at us when we smile at her these days.  David and I both think that she's more readily smiley than Joshua was at this age -- and Joshua was a pretty happy baby!

Sophia also laughed for the first time the day she turned five months old!  I was holding her right after a nursing session, patting her back while she leaned over my shoulder.  Joshua was watching with great fascination, as he usually does when I'm burping her.  Sophia then found one of her hands and started sucking on it, as she typically does.  For some reason, Joshua thought this was hilarious and started laughing, shouting gleefully, "Sophia's eating her fingers!"  Sophia looked startled at first, but as Joshua continued laughing, she gave a big belly laugh of her own!  The two of them kept laughing at and with each other for a solid five minutes, and my head exploded from the cuteness.  :)

Thinking back on the last month, there haven't been that many huge milestones.  Sophia doesn't love tummy time, so we don't spend a lot of time pushing her to get used to being on her belly.  Consequently, she hasn't rolled over yet, and she's nowhere near crawling or sitting unsupported.  But to be honest, I'm almost hoping she'll be later to roll/crawl/sit/walk.  This is probably all part of her being a second child -- but it's kind of nice that Sophia is still content with being immobile and just watching the chaos around her, mostly caused by her big brother.  :)  I do make sure, though, to carve out lots of physical playtime specifically for Sophia -- while tummy time isn't her favorite thing in the world, she does enjoy standing on my legs facing outward and viewing her world from that vantage point.  And she finds "flying" like an airplane to be at least a curious and interesting activity.  :)  We'll see whether she enjoys being flung about in the air as much as her brother does!

And now, some photos!  I'm mixing in a series I took of Sophia while we were out in Indy over Christmas -- I love all of her facial expressions!

And one little video of Sophia giggling at mama's antics during our five-month shoot!

Happy five-month birthday, little one!  We love you so much, and can't wait to see how you continue to grow and change and brighten our family!