Sunday, June 26, 2011

PEF year-end events!

Finally, finally, I'm getting around to blogging about all the busyness of the last couple months!  First off, a post about two of the PEF year-end events -- the Olympics, and the spring picnic!

It's still so funny to me how athletic and hip PEF is these days...  What happened to the "last desperate alliance of geeks and Asians"??  :)  We love the Olympics, though -- it's a fun way to spend a Saturday during reading period.  And it's full of awesome photo ops!

Another reading period event was our annual spring picnic, right before one of the last Friday Night Fellowships of the year.  I posted a bunch of Joshua photos from that night in the last potpourri update post -- he had so much fun running around and making friends that night!  And I think the students all had a pretty good time, too.

I especially love this first photo, of Isedua and Joy.  I took a fun photo of them their freshman year, and two years later almost to the day, they decided to try to recreate it!

So okay, I couldn't resist including just a teeny bit of Joshua in this post as well.  :)

Stay tuned, more catch-up posts to come!


Jodi said...

This looks like a total blast. And can I just tell you that your photography is knocking my socks off lately??? Seriously, these look like they could go in a college brochure! Great job capturing everything Christina! :)

Barbara said...

I love the action shots, especially the second one. Really great job.

Nic said...

I love how your photos clearly express the joy in the day for everyone! Beautiful, as always. :)