Sunday, May 15, 2011

A family Easter photo

One of the many reasons why I was looking forward to this year's Easter activities was because I was determined to get a halfway decent photo of the three of us all together.  As you may recall, this was the one and only Easter family photo we got last year:

While, of course, we all look fabulous, it does leave a little something to be desired...  :)  Just for the record, Joshua was looking super cute last year in his Easter outfit:

Look at how tiny he was!!

He was definitely just as cute, and even more dapper, this year:

(In shorts later in the day, since it got so warm!)

So I was aiming for a photo of the three of us, and just hoping to have all of us at least kind of looking at the camera.  And also hoping that none of us would be eating bagels at the time.  I set my expectations super low this year.  :)

We handed the camera off to Dan H., and asked him just to snap a few shots while Joshua was in a relatively good mood.  But as soon as we started trying to get him to look at the camera, a swarm of students surrounded Dan and did all manner of hilarious ridiculousness in an attempt to coax a smile out of our little guy.  He was a little bemused at first, I think, but then he decided it was the funniest thing ever and GRINNED his heart out at all his silly friends.

What a sweet moment!!  We're so thankful for all the wonderful friends Joshua has in the students -- he clearly loves all of you.  :)  Thank you all for this wonderful family photo!


Amy F.W. said...

That smile is PERFECTION, love the family photo!

Care said...

So sweet. Perfect family photo! I am still cracking up at last years, seems like just yesterday!

Amber Ellen said...

Joshua has the cutest grin ever!! Great family photo :)

Rachel said...

Yay! Don't give up on the blog!