Friday, January 14, 2011

Introducing The Colonel

Not everyone knows this, since we didn't blog about it or post it on Facebook, but just before Christmas, David was in a car accident.  He was fine (with the exception of a nasty bruise on his thigh from the seatbelt buckle), and the other driver was fine, but our poor car was mangled.  And we found out last week that dear Rosie was totaled.

Alas, poor Rosie!  (I knew her, Horatio...)

Rosie right after the crash (yes, David ended up on the median); Rosie at the mechanic's

So it became clear that we needed a new car.  We'd been doing tons of research (because yes, that is how we respond to every new situation), and basically concluded that we didn't want a minivan or an SUV -- we don't need all that space just yet, and it wouldn't be a wise financial move to spend all that money on such a big car (and on gas, and insurance, etc.) when a smaller car would do.  But at the same time, we do hope to have more children within the lifetime of this new car, so something bigger than a sedan would make the most sense...

Enter the Mazda5.  :)  It's one of the only "mini-minivans" on the market in the US, and it was Consumer Reports' top "family hauler" this year.  (And let's take a moment to marvel at the fact that we are in need of a "family hauler" now...)  We test drove one last week, and it's as good in person and on the road as it is on paper -- so we bought it!

We'd decided long ago that our first "family" car would be named The Colonel.  Because it would be the Keddie Family Car, or KFC -- get it?  Get it??  :)

So here he is in all his glory!  (And yes, perhaps it is a bit odd to refer to our car as a "he" instead of a "she" -- but come on, it's an homage to Colonel Sanders, so I can't very well call him a her...)

We'll miss dear Rosie, but we're excited about The Colonel.  And we're taking him up to the winter retreat in just over a week, so he'll get his first real test at hauling people through the snow!


Sara said...

KFC-Colonel! I love it! enjoy your new ride and SO glad David is okay post accident!

Erin and Erik said...

we almost bought a mazda5! but we wanted to get a used vehicle (since erik does the work on our cars we didn't need a warranty etc.) and the older ones didn't have the rear a/c vents and side impact airbags we wanted i think. but they do drive very nicely and are such a terrific size! i think the colonel is very handsome indeed and makes a great keddiemobile!!

Jen said...

I'm so glad everyone is okay, but you have me cracking UP. Colonel = Awesome! LOL

Amanda said...

Yikes! Rosie looks a lot different there than the last time I saw her. :(

Love the Colonel though! Totally your style! :)

Amy F.W. said...

Poor Rosie!! And cars can be boys or first car was a boy, but the last two Mazdas are girls. =D Good luck with yours, here's hoping yours doesn't live with the check engine light on like mine does. ;)

Emily said...

Love it (except the car accident part). Brian and I have procured not one but two cars since moving to Houston. It's a whole new world, as Jasmine would say.