Saturday, November 13, 2010

Coasters are the coolest!

So lately, Joshua has discovered the wondrous joy that is the wooden coaster.  :)  We have an old set of six wooden coasters from Target, which are apparently perfectly sized and shaped for little hands to play with.  Joshua discovered the wonderful thwacking noise they make when you bang them together -- or against the coffee table, or against the hearth, or against the wall...  And, well, he's been enchanted ever since!

The coasters usually reside in a stack on the shelf in our coffee table.  So these days, once Joshua gets put down on the carpet to play in the living room, he'll immediately crawl over to that part of the table, pull down a couple coasters, and happily play for hours.  It's so adorable!

The other day, Joshua was sitting on the floor with a coaster in each hand.  He then wanted to pull himself up to stand so he could bang the coasters on the top of the coffee table, but couldn't figure out how to gain enough purchase on the table to pull himself up -- because, of course, his hands were full.  Much though I tried to explain to him that he needed to let go of one of the coasters, he just couldn't bring himself to part with either, so he gave up on the standing thing that day.  Over the past few days, though, he's become more adept at pulling himself up, and he's finally managed to pull himself up to standing using just his wrists, freeing his hands to cling to his beloved coasters at all times.  :)

So we're thinking we need to get him some wooden blocks or something similar for Christmas?  That, or we should never get him toys ever again, since he totally prefers random household objects to the toys we've already given him...

And what Keddiebears post would be complete without photos?  :)  Video at the end as well, so you can see just how earnest Joshua is when playing with his coasters!

Double coaster joy; pulling up to stand; "Yeah, I'm standing.  It's no big deal."

Stacking and thwacking

We just love this little face!!