Friday, October 22, 2010

A playdate with Anna J!

We joke a lot about little Anna being Joshua's future wife -- complete with Lady Catherine de Bourgh quotes ("It was the favorite wish of his mother as well as hers!").  :)  But in all seriousness, we do hope Joshua and Anna will grow up to be friends.  And it's so sweet to see them starting to interact with each other!

Lucy and Anna came over to play the other day, and we had so much fun watching the babies together.  Anna is about four months younger than Joshua, so she kind of sat back and watched intently as Joshua ran roughshod all around her... We're working on teaching him how to be a more gentlemanly host.  :)  For instance, here, it looks like he's lovingly stroking her hair, but he's actually leaning on her head, and trying to figure out how to use it to torque his body around, so he can walk off the edge of the bed.

Oh, Joshua...

And that brings me obliquely to another developmental milestone -- Joshua is regularly (and constantly) pulling himself up to stand these days!

Yeah, I'm standing.  It's no big deal.

We had so much fun playing with little Anna, head-leaning-body-torquing incidents notwithstanding.  :)  And from what I've seen on her dad's Facebook page [link should work if you're friends with him], it looks like Anna is training to be able to push back against Joshua's friendly rough-housing...  Can't wait to see how these two grow and play together!