Friday, February 19, 2010

A visit from Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Eric!

Joshua is the first grandchild on both sides, so the grandparents are all excited about getting to meet him -- we've been doing weekly Skype video chats with both of our families, and we've been ordered to take and post photos as often as possible. And last weekend, my parents and youngest brother came up for a visit to meet their grandson and nephew!

It was so sweet to be able to introduce Joshua to some of his extended family. And all three of them were utterly fascinated by him! My mom brought him a ton of cute little outfits, and Eric gave him an adorably soft plush duck. And they all exercised their prerogative as grandparents and uncle to spoil the little guy, holding him at every opportunity... It's taken us several days to get Joshua used to falling asleep on his own again, but it was nice to see how much my parents and Eric loved being with Joshua and fawning over him. This little guy is so very loved!

Some of our favorite photos from last weekend:

The proud grandparents

Joshua condescending to his adoring public

Three generations, all with the exact same facial expression

Uncle Eric was so good with Joshua!

Getting a smile out of his nephew

We're so glad we were able to host you guys last weekend! And we're looking forward to introducing Joshua to the rest of our family!

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Ivy Mom said...

Skype is the best! We love to see far away family with it too. He's beautiful!