Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bump Watch: 17 Weeks

OK, so we've got a number of posts to catch up on -- in the past two weeks, we've been to a wedding out in California, and we've moved to a new apartment! So be on the lookout for photos and posts to commemorate these events...

But for now, we wanted to start a "Bump Watch" feature here on the blog -- because I think I'm finally starting to show a little! David and I have been able to see a difference for a few weeks now (check out this photo from our cruise, taken at 13 weeks), but we're starting to get comments from others, which is terribly exciting... :)

I know, it's still very small, but (to our eyes, at least) I'm clearly pregnant!

And here's the weekly update on the baby, from BabyCenter.com:
Your baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord — her lifeline to the placenta — is growing stronger and thicker. Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and she's around 5 inches long from head to bottom. She can move her joints, and her sweat glands are starting to develop.
It's funny how pregnancy books and websites compare the developing baby to something in the produce aisle... We've gone from a poppy seed, to a blueberry, to a lime, and now, apparently, to a turnip. I guess that's one way to remind me to eat my fruits and veggies!

And nope, the use of the "she" pronoun above doesn't mean anything specific for our baby. But we should be finding out the gender in about three weeks, at our 20-week ultrasound!

Alright, back to unpacking and settling in I go... At least we've got the internet and our camera gear set up in our new place. We clearly have our priorities straight. :)

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Ivy Mom said...

Looking good. That bump will really be bumping soon!